- Where Are Our Missing School Friends? -
Are You One Of Them?
Although the reunion in 2005 was a resounding success, with many old friendships renewed and new ones made it could have been even better. The missing ingredient was the former classmates who we were unable to find or in any way make contact with.

Are you one of those pupils? Or do you know someone who is? To qualify you must have first attended North Berwick High School ( NBHS ) in East Lothian, Scotland in 1965-1969 inc. Did your Mother, Father, Uncle, Aunt or any other relation first attend in one of those years? Maybe a friend of yours, or work colleague was one of our classmates. If so please get in touch.

Possibly you are one of the many people we are looking for but are reluctant to contact us because you are uncertain as to whether it is a good idea or not. Everyone who attended the first reunion can relate to such feelings as we all felt a bit of trepidation as we entered those school doors again ( even though many of us had met the previous night ). Once we were inside though and savoured the atmosphere all doubts disappeared - click on any of the 'reunion memories' pages above to read just how much.

Brilliant!!! Wonderful!! Fantastic!!!. "I've never laughed so much" are typical of the comments made by everyone who was there. Do you really want to miss out on such a good time? of course you don't. Click Here to get in touch with us now - you know it makes sense.

* The inclusion of the section below ( or not ) is still under consideration*
Below is a list of people we are trying to find - but we are sure there must be more

The 'girls' names are what they were known as at school.

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