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Dave Taylor -Greetings from a chilly Omemee, Canada. ............ The last few days have been truly amazing: I do not think that we will ever, truly, experience anything like this again. We may try to do this in the future, but we will never replicate this very special time. I've tried to explain what it was like for, I hope, all of us. For me it was five "E's" -- exciting; exhausting; exhilarating; excellent and... emotional. Thank you all for helping create such special and magical memories. To Brian who, if not cajoled and tormented by some of us colonials, may not have been spurred into action with a few fantastic individuals who made the weekend what it was. Thank you. To old friends and even some newer ones, I cannot remember a time when I have laughed so long and so hard. Or even shed a tear or two over the days. My nerves still feel a little raw and exposed.
It was being 15 all over again: a time for brutal! honesty; laughs; excitement; risks; and an unbound energy and undaunted spirits. I do not know whey it took me so long to return. Although, other than vacations as a kid, I really only lived in NB for about three years, you always made me feel like this was/is home. If I made an impression on you, I cannot begin to tell you what you did, and continue to do for me. It's Saturday mornng here; still snowing and cold. I feel quite warm now. Love to all, dt

And the last word goes to 'Robbie'
Brian/Robbie - Just a quick note (do I ever do anything quickly)? to every last one of you guys out there before a) I get bogged down in your "thank you" emails and b) before I get too emotional to see the keyboard!
There were a few things I forgot to do on the Saturday night - I forgot to thank everyone who helped me make the event possible, t'Committee for all their help and support over the past months, Dougie Currie's wife Anne for putting me up(and putting up with me)! when I stayed with them for the meetings, Dovey's wife Katriona (not sure about spelling)! for an absolutely wonderful spread - I hope you get a lot of business from it, you deserve it, the bar staff for keeping everyone adequately quenched to allow the talking to flow so freely, Helen K - who wasn't on the Committee but should be on the next one! - for selling ALL the raffle tickets, everyone who donated a raffle prize ........, Pat M for the incredible decorations in the school, the Janny for his patience with us, and an especially big thank you to my wife Maggie (who was there on the Friday night) for letting me borrow a chunk of her life too over the past months!
I think I thanked you all for coming at the beginning of the evening, but I would like to express my sincerest thanks to every last one of you for making the effort to come along - especially those of you who travelled thousands of miles to get here. It far surpassed even my greatest expectations! I have to admit, as I was recovering from a serious bout of food poisoning on the Saturday afternoon, I was starting to ask myself why on earth had I taken on such a project - was it all going to go pear-shaped at the eleventh hour?? Thankfully it didn't and it was all down to you guys!!
It's an event in my life that I'll not forget, the happiness in all the faces will last forever!
My apologies to the guys who I sneaked away from this morning (Monday) without a final farewell - Fiona Macs words and the group hug with Fiona, Dave T and Visty as we left the Grange (around 9:30) on the Sunday night left us all in tears and I couldn't face it again this morning!!
My love to everyone - take care - until the next time! Robbie.

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