- We Meet Again -
Three Day Event
Helen and Nina
Helen & Nina
After the successful reunion in 2005 many wondered if there would be another one. Or even whether doing it again would be a good idea, as the fear was that it would fail to live up to the first time.

However, 'Robbie' & Co. put themselves in the firing line again and came up with a programme subtly different to 2005, but still over three days, in May 2011.

Whereas the previous reunion began with a pub crawl this time around the first event - on Friday 27th - was a BBQ/Roast at the Glen Golf Club in North Berwick. It turned out to be very popular with the only negative aspect being that the intended launch of sky lanterns to remember our 'missing' classmates could not take place due to inclement weather.

Saturday 28th began with a school sports day on the East Putting Green which was well attended. Thankfully all who
Adam and Caroline
Adam & Caroline
took part emerged unscathed. As with the previous reunion the main event was held on the Saturday evening. This consisted of a get-together in our former school ( North Berwick High ) with photographs and other memorabilia from our school years, including school magazines. The catering was once again provided by Dovey's wife.

The weekend celebrations came to an end with a Farewell Lunch in the County Hotel on the Sunday.

Nobody was in any doubt that everyone's fears had been unfounded as the committee once again came up with a successful formula.

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