- 50somethings Reunion, First Three Events -
Pub Crawl
The first that North Berwick knew that something big was about to hit the town was when bed space in the local hotels began to fill up just prior to the planned weekend.

Cookie, Margaret, Ann & Carolyn
Cookie, Margaret, Ann & Carolyn
The first event of the reunion weekend was a Pub Crawl of the hostelries in North Berwick.

It all started in The Ship Inn at the East End of the town. Speaking personally i entered the door expecting to see a small group of maybe twenty people, only to find that the place was packed with people already deep in conversation. The scary part was that many of them seemed unrecognisable to me.

Gradually as each person met and exchanged names exclamations of recognition became the norm, 'i remember you now', 'i thought it was you', etc. This was often accompanied with a hug as another 'old' friendship began again. Just when it seemed that everyone who was going to be there was there, someone else arrived and the ritual would begin all over again.

As old aquaintances were being renewed the timetable for the evening was very soon forgotten and it was with a little reluctance that - on Robbie's whistle - everyone trooped out of the pub and made for the next one, The County Hotel, where the conversations and laughter continued as before.

Had a look at the website..very good..brought back some lovely memories - Barbara Bruce

The next port of call was Bow Townsend's domain, The Auld Hoose. From there the crowd moved on to The Golfers Rest, The Quarterdeck and finally after 1am on Saturday morning, The Nether Abbey - where quite a few of the reunion attendees were staying.

School Tour & Treasure Hunt
School Tour November 2005
Mr. Paton Prepares Us For School Tour
The first event of Saturday morning was to have been to watch the North Berwick High School ( NBHS ) Rugby & Hockey teams playing but their games were cancelled so it was on to the planned tour of the school.

Treasure Hunt Winners
49ers Treasure Hunt Team
We were shown around by one of today's teachers, Mr. Paton and one from our days there, Mr. Turner. Although the school is much changed from the late 60s/early 70s, many areas/classrooms were still recognisable and brought back many memories for those on the tour.

There was just time then for a quick bite to eat and then it was on to the Treasure Hunt. This consisted of teams having sheets printed with shop adverts from NBHS school magazines of our day and they ( the teams ) had to say what the premises are nowadays. As well as being an enjoyable thing to do the fact that people were in teams meant that they had some time to get aquainted ( or reaquainted ) with those people with them - it was won by the 49ers team ( see pic, left ), although, having fun was the order of the day, not winning.

By the end of the afternoon everyone was eager to get home to get ready for the next, and most important, stage of the momentous weekend, the reunion itself, later that evening - read about this most memorable night here.

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