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The reunion was such a success that well before the evening was finished much of the talk was of "when will we do it again", next year, every two years, in five years time? At the time of writing this page - November 2011 - we have had a second reunion, in May of this year. Thoughts are now that the next one might be sometime in 2014, so what follows can be read with that in mind.

But whenever the next big reunion takes place there are things you can do between now and then to make it as big a success as the two get-togethers that we have had so far.

1. First decide When you want it. Although, it would obviously have made sense to have it in November again, not only as the anniversary of the first one, but at that time of year hotels, etc. are quieter, making it easier for overseas attendees ( and there were quite a few at the first reunion ) to book accommodation - although this year's reunion - in May - seemed to work very well.

2. Where should it be held? This one is really easy to answer, the overwhelming feeling ( in 2005 ) was that holding it in our former school made it that bit more special. This was summed up very well by by Anne Tod, "having it in the school definately made it all the more reminiscent". Once again the school is our objective for the reason highlighted by Anne. This was again the venue for May 2011.

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3.There were many elligable ex-pupils ( who first attended NBHS in 1965-69 inclusive ) who, for whatever reason, didn't attend the reunion, and others who the Commitee had no contact details for. Do you know of anyone who was eligable but who didn't attend? If you do, make sure they know how special the reunions of 2005 and 2011 were, and inform us of their name, address, email address, etc. so we can contact them. And for the latter category do a little detective work to try and locate as many of our ex-schoolmates as possible. Let's make the next reunion even more special. This is an important one as if everyone who attended ( in 2005 ) finds one eligible person we could have about three hundred people there

4. Have you got any ideas for events/features for future reunions?, then contact us or post in the Forums. Similarly if you would like a copy of the agenda for the May 2011 reunion click on 'contact us' above.

Note - We at the 50somethings reunion website do not have the time to get involved in organising any future 50somethings reunions but are more than happy to run and operate this website as an advert for such reunions ( for the 50somethings who this website is about ) and as a contact point and information gathering point for anyone wishing to organise any future reunion(s).

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