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The 'Big Bash'
Reunion School Hall Before The Event
The School Hall Before The Event
This was a much anticipated event but it was tinged with a great deal of trepidation as many people wondered if it could be as good as the build up had indicated. So as the big school doors were approached it was a case of, 'what lies within?' No-one need have worried though as on entering it was immediately evident that something special was about to take place. The long queue to register and collect name badges, and the friendly banter already taking place, a sure sign that a great evening was ahead. The only uncertainty was why Helen Kemp was stuffing the proceeds of the 'special raffle' into her bra - was she about to do a runner?

On entering our old school hall - which had been beautifully decorated by Pat Marr and her merry band - there was hardly anyone there, which was strange. They were however to be found in the room next door where the bar was situated, which wasn't so strange. Already many people were deep in conversation, as others spotted people they hadn't seen for many years and greeted them enthusiastically with a hug or kiss, beaming smiles much in evidence.

Audrey, Jane, Colin & Alan
Audrey, Jane, Colin & Alan
The first person i saw, and spoke to, was Alan Yeoman, now resident in Miami, and who, like many, had flown in just for the reunion weekend. That type of commitment was one of the many things that made the evening, and indeed the weekend, very special. In the heady atmosphere - and there certainly was something special in the air - everyone chatted to everyone else whether they could remember them or not, with the name badges helping in the identification of each other. Just how 'friendly' it really was was described perfectly by Irene Bain in an email after the event when she said "i haven't laughed and felt so at ease in company for years".

This commitment extended to our former teachers as well, as some of them attended the reunion evening. Jim Cowie, Willie Turner, Mrs. Costa to name three. It was appreciated by all that they made the effort to be there.

Proceeds from the evening were going to the planned school trip 'down under' by around 70 present day pupils ( we raised £3513.61 for the trip see Pic. ). In return some of the pupils parents ran the well stocked bar and made a very good job of it. To complement the alcohol there was an excellent spread of food provided by Dovey's wife, with something for everyone- including ice creams, at 10.pm!!

50somethings Cheque Hand Over
Handing Over Big Cheque
With so many people to talk to and thirty plus years worth of memories to cover the evening flew by far too quickly for everybody as we all tried to chat to as many people as possible, not only renewing old aquaintences, but also making new ones. It was a very intense evening for everyone, the air filled with conversation and laughter, as everyone shared a common bond, our schooldays together - the fact that partners were excluded from the evening made it all the more special because of this common bond.

Around half way through the evening everything stopped for a moment as we all remembered those schoolfriends who had sadly passed on.

All of us who were there then continued our evening as before until all too soon we had to reluctantly accept that the evening was at an end and that the goodbyes had to begin. Those people who were going to the 'Sunday Lunch' next day at least had another 50somethings reunion event to look forward to. Read about the 'lunch' Here

Plods Irene Visty
Plods, Irene, Visty
There was approximately 150 people in attendance at the Reunion Evening which was described variously as; Brilliant, Memorable, Superb, Not To Be Missed, etc. Whatever you do make sure you don't miss the next one. If you first attended North Berwick High School in the years 1965-1969 inclusive let us know your contact details now by sending an email .

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