- Where Did The Idea For A Reunion Come From
And how it came to fruition -
How It Happened
Where did the idea for a reunion come from? Obviously someone had a notion that it would be a good idea to have a reunion or that it would be good to see some of the people that were classmates all those years previously. It wasn't until this website was being put together that we stumbled apon an article from the East Lothian Courier which stated that Robbie contacted a few friends through the Friendsreunited website and it grew from there. But reading between the lines of an email by Dave Taylor possibly he needed some encouragement from others to expand the original idea.The pertinent part of Dave's email read something like, " .......to Brian who, if not cajoled and tormented by some of us colonials, may not have been spurred into action......... "). What is known is that it was a very big undertaking which could have just flopped at many stages of its growth.

The first that many knew about it was when a piece appeared in the East Lothian Courier announcing that it was to take place and asking eligible people to get in touch with 'Robbie'. It was obvious by the list of names and email addresses on the regular mailings from Robbie that much work had already been done. In subsequent emails between everyone many people relayed memories of their time at North Berwick High School ( NBHS ), many amusing, others more serious. Old school photos were also included in emails, bringing back more memories.

Meanwhile regular emails were sent out by 'Robbie' with updated email lists, ideas for the proposed weekend, appeals for more volunteers and ideas, details of meetings ( open to everyone ), etc., etc. Many of these emails hinted at the problems involved with such a big project. As the number of former eligible pupils continued to increase there was the problem of whether there was going to be too many for the intended venue, our former school, North Berwick High School ( NBHS ). Other difficulties related to ideas being put forward, then rejected - such as interested Reunion attendees playing rugby against present day NBHS pupils ( what injuries would be sustained? would insurance be needed? ), an intended golf day which never materialised due to lack of interest and perhaps the most embarrasing of problems - would anyone actually turn up on the night?

Other items - which did take place - that required a lot of time and effort were: a tour of the school: a treasure hunt: a pub crawl: who would run the bar and supply the food? ( at the 50Somethings reunion ): where to get name tags?: booking the school: organising discounts at local hotels: printing t-shirts and much more.

At times the logistics must have been very daunting and the thought ever present that at some time the whole event would just fall apart and never take place at all. It is due to 'Robbie' and his band of helpers faith not only in the idea but in their former schoolfriends that they persevered despite the difficulties and made the reunion the outstanding success that it was.

by Mike C

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