- Why We Are Here -
In 2005 around 150+ former pupils of North Berwick High School ( NBHS ) in East Lothian, Scotland attended a very successful reunion in our former school. This website has been set up as a reminder of the fantastic weekend everyone had. But more than that it hopefully will also show those eligable pupils who didn't attend what a brilliant event it was, with it inspiring them to attend any future reunions that may take place.

Also, through the forums, hopefully it will be a portal for keeping everyone in touch with each other

Another reason for the website is that it will show anyone else thinking about holding a reunion that done well, as the 50somethings one was, they can be a big success for everyone.

This website was put online after a random emailing of people who attended the 50somethings NBHS reunion showed a majority in favour of the idea.

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