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50Somethings Reunion Tickets, Badges and Articles

As far as we are aware there was three items about the reunion, in the local newspaper, East lothian Courier. One announcing the event was going to happen ( published in April? ) and the two here - one on the eve of the event and the other reporting its success. The other items on this page are an example of the badges we all had - it was thought that they would help break the ice and avoid embarrassment, and an example of the tickets that everone had to have for entry.

East Lothian Courier Article
East Lothian Courier Article

50somethings Reunion Badge 2005
50somethings Reunion Badge
East Lothian Courier Article 9th December 2005
Article from the East Lothian Courier
dated 9th December 2005
Reunion Entry Ticket 2005
Reunion Ticket

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